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Why Choose Woodfold Accordion Doors? (and Where to Buy Them?)

Folding doors are highly functional as well as beautiful and have a wide variety of design capabilities as instant walls and doors.

Woodfold bifold doors (Cedrica Miot) are particularly aesthetically pleasing, being a popular choice for the modern home owner with a variety of finishes, whether it be in a classic hardwood or vinyl laminate.

Bifold doors are a statement addition to any home and so choosing the right colour is important.

Some doors can be more difficult to repair than others. Investing in a high quality door by Woodfold eliminates the need for repair in the long-term.

Up to 50% of the space surrounding the doors could potentially be wasted in comparison to folding doors which take up just 10%.

You have a lot of different options as to how a wood door looks depending on the type of wood and finish selected.

The accordion doors are perfect for dividing space for privacy and use them as bathroom or kitchen doors.

Partitioning is an excellent option whenever you want to divide any space and cut noises coming to your partition.

Bifold doors are a good choice for spots where there is limited space for a traditional door to swing or areas that do not have enough room for a sliding door.

Bifolding doors are sometimes used as passage doors in small rooms where a standard swinging door is not practical because it would interfere with space usage. Swinging doors generally interfere with space usage in pretty much any situation, so where clearance is a channel, or you want to reduce the hazard risk to bystanders, sturdy and safe sliding doors are a solid investment.

Bifolding doors are a wonderful way to add openness to a home or exterior space.

Woodfold doors (Woodfold Bifold Doors: Unique Commercial & Residential Designs - Cedrica Miot) allow easy installation without the need for a floor track.

The panes of Woodfold bi-fold doors fold together into a flat stack when the door is closed, taking up minimal space in the room.

Any sliding glass door can be installed on the interior of the home between rooms or sections of large areas.

Sliding doors are a great fit for any home style and are commonly used in modern homes.

Every door is individually manufactured in order to assure consistent quality.

Sliding doors are well-suited for any climate and a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Woodfold offers a variety of bifold (accordion) sliding doors to match the design of your new construction home.

Be mindful of your placement. You cannot risk installing the expensive wooden doors and seeing them getting destroyed by water.

Noise control solutions in accordion doors ideally need to meet certain sound rating measurement standards to provide the proper solution.

If you want to order a custom accordion door, we highly recommend getting help from the experts at Accordion Doors, whose customer service is essentially an in-house interior design consultancy. Their advice will match up the perfect accordion door to your opening and space.

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